Trained Up

The Purple Book is a 12-chapter Bible Study Guide designed to help believers know and apply the essential beliefs of Christianity.


“Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.”


- Jesus, Matthew 7:24–25 (NIV)


You can grab a book at the Kiosk and get connected with someone to walk you through this journey. We believe in discipleship and the need for accountablity in our lives from the youngest to the oldest among us. Grab a book, sign up and let's begin this walk!

What are we trying to accomplish over the next 6 weeks?


1. To firmly establish our biblical understanding of our core and foundational (non-negotiable) beliefs.


2. To be reminded/stirred up about the value of what we have gained in Christ. When we lose touch with the value of our own Salvation, we see no value or need to share with others.


3. To practically learn how to share Christ through the story of our testimony. This will be accomplished through practice and repetition.


4. To become a disciple who makes disciples. It can’t end with us!

Through every lesson, we will uncover truths of the Good News. To prevent these great revelations from becoming just information, we will need to apply and answer the following questions:


As a Believer:

1. Why/How are these truths relevant to me personally, and how do they impact me today?

2. How do these truths present as the “Good News” of the Gospel for me?


For an Unbeliever:

1. How/Why is this relevant to him/her?

2. How do I share this and allow it to point to Christ?


Answering these questions will force us to think beyond the text. My prayer is that we do not just “understand” or “philosophically grasp” these truths, but rather grasp the weight, freedom and urgency that comes with each revelation.

This week we focused on how to deconstruct our testimony, for the sole purpose of clarity for an unbeliever.  Join in and watch as we listen and breakdown Pastor Kris's testimony.  


Once you have watched this example, please right down the 3 Main Points that we are trying to convey:

1. I was broken. (Why?)

2. I was saved. (How?)

3. I am alive. (Why?)


By using this structure and answering the questions that accompany them, we can be assured that we are pointing to Christ. 


Your assignment is to continue on to Chapters 3 & 4, and along with filling in the blanks, continuing to answer the questions from Session 2 above. 


Also, reach out to someone to have them assist with deconstructing your testimony as you see in the video. Find someone of the same gender that is going through this course and have them listen and discuss.