Service Info

We meet on Sunday mornings at 10am.  Directions can be found at the bottom of every page.  We encourage you to get there early and to leave late so that we get an opportunity to meet you. To find even more information concerning our services and what we have available for your family, click below.

Who we Are

We are a local gathering of believers moving forward in our journey with Jesus.  We have come to the greatest revelation that we are broken and in need of a Savior, and we are not it!  We are a community that stands together in our joys, our pains, our questioning and our struggles - loving everybody forward and into a stronger walk.  To learn even more about the heart of Freedom Church click the box below.

What we Believe

The Bible.  We must start there and work our way out, as we have found doing this in reverse can be dangerous.  We try to make sure that we are not bending the Word to our will and our "want to's" but rather being willing to bend our knees and submit to its direction.  From 50,000 feet - we believe that God created, man fell, God promised, Jesus delivered, and the Holy Spirit empowers us for the journey.  To learn more of what we believe click the button below.  

  The Journey Begins Here

Do you have questions about God ? What about Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Baptism and the plan that God has for your life?  Perfect.  Click below to start your Journey!

  Tools for the Journey

We were not meant to go it alone.  We have gathered tools that will assist you on your journey with Christ.  Click below for online tools and links to amazing resources.